U.S. Cultural Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)


Directed by Robert Francis, Assistant Professor of Sociology


The Whitworth United States Cultural Studies Program acknowledges that many factors, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomics, gender, sexual orientation and type of disability, influence our lives and experiences in the U.S. In one way or another, others’ perceptions of us, or even our self-perceptions, have been formed by these personal characteristics and by the groups that are identified by these characteristics. Our goal is to study these groups so that we can understand their lives and our own in the contemporary United States. Students of all identities and backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to pursue this minor.

Through this program of study, our goals are...

  1. to study the foundations and interactions of diverse groups living in the U.S. from an interdisciplinary framework.
  2. to develop intercultural competencies for other coursework, graduate or professional schools, and eventual vocations.
  3. to increase willingness and capacity to serve campus and communities by advancing social justice and reconciliation.

Students must take 18 credits to fulfill the minor, including the required USCS 120 or USCS 120H, Introduction to Cultural Studies. Students take an additional five courses that have a designated "United States Diversity" (U) tag in the shared curriculum courses as electives. Two of these courses (6 credits) must be at the 300 or 400 level. Students may take courses that celebrate multiple cultures, or students may specialize by taking courses focusing on a particular cultural group (e.g., African American studies, Latino studies, etc.). 

Requirements for a U.S. Cultural Studies Minor (18)

USCS 120Introduction to U.S. Cultural Studies3
or USCS 120H Honors Introduction to Cultural Studies
or USCS 118H
Introduction to USCS: Field Study Preparation
and Introduction to USCS: Field Study
15 credits of electives (6 credits must be upper division)15
Genealogy in Cultural Context
Race and Ethnicity
U.S. Latino/a Film
Multicultural Film
Applied Anthropology
Intergroup Dialogue
*Any other class in Culture with a "U" tag


USCS 120Introduction to U.S. Cultural Studies3
USCS 201HGenealogy in Cultural Context3
USCS 220Race and Ethnicity3
USCS 234Multicultural Film (Multicultural Film)3
USCS 231U.S. Latino/a Film3
USCS 276Applied Anthropology3
USCS 410Intergroup Dialogue3

Students must select 9 credits of electives courses from the list above AND/OR the current list of USD designated courses. Additional elective courses may count toward the minor, with the submission of a course syllabus and preapproval from the program director.

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