Visual Communication (Interdisciplinary Minor)

The visual communication minor combines practical and theoretical courses from journalism/mass communication and art. Students will gain the ability to use professional computer software to design and evaluate effective visual print and online media products. The minor is of primary interest to students who might pursue careers in journalism, public relations, marketing, promotions, or graphic arts, and to those who will work with nonprofit organizations.

Requirements for a Visual Communication Minor (19)

VC/JMC 125Writing for Mass Media3
VC/JMC 343Editing, Layout and Design4
VC/AR 1202-D Design3
VC/AR 124Adobe Creative Suite And Indesign3
Two of the following:6
Graphic Design I
Web Design I
Graphic Design II
Media Criticism
Theories of Human Communication


VC 1202-D Design (Cross-listed as AR 120)3
VC 124Adobe Creative Suite And Indesign (Cross-listed as AR 124)3
VC 125Writing for Mass Media (Cross-listed as JMC 125)3
VC 212Theories of Human Communication (Cross-listed as SP 212)3
VC 315Media Criticism (Cross-listed as JMC 315)3
VC 324Graphic Design I (Cross-listed as AR 324)3
VC 326Web Design I (Cross-listed as AR 326)3
VC 343Editing, Layout and Design (Cross-listed as JMC 343)4
VC 424Graphic Design II (Cross-listed as AR 424)3
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