Latin American Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Latin American Studies Minor

The Latin American studies minor provides students the opportunity to study the diverse cultures of Latin America from an interdisciplinary perspective. In order to complete the minor, students must complete three main components.

  1. Language proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese (shown through successful completion of SN 302 for Spanish or proficiency test for Portuguese). (3 credits)
  2. Academics: Complete a minimum of 15 credits of academic coursework from at least two academic disciplines. (15 credits)
  3. Experiential learning: Participate in a study-abroad program in Latin America or a service-learning internship in which the student serves a population of predominantly Latin American origin. (3 credits)

Requirements for a Latin American Studies Minor (21)

Complete Latin American Studies courses focused on breadth (9 credits)9
Precolumbian Art and Architecture
Modern Latin American Art
Latin American Literature in English
Latin American Culture and Civilization
Latin American History Through Film
History of Latin America
History of Mexico
Introduction to Latin American Studies
Globalization and Social Change And Wealth
Latin American Politics (Cross-listed as SO 307)
Revolution in History
Latin American Short Story I
Latin American Short Story II
Survey of Spanish Literature I
Latin American Poetry
Latin-American Culture and Civilization
Complete Latin American Studies courses focused on depth (6 credits)6
Sustainable Development Abroad
Francophone New World Literature And Culture
Religion in Latin America
Slavery in Latin America
Gender and Identity Formation in Latin America
International Development
Performance in Hispanic World
Spanish and Latin American Women Writers
Spanish American Narrative & History
Language Requirement: Students minoring in Latin American Studies must demonstrate a minimum of three years of Spanish or Portuguese language proficiency. This requirement can be fulfilled through coursework (completion of SN 302) or students may take appropriate equivalency language test.3
Experiential Learning: Students are required to have a hands-on experience by participating in a study abroad program in Latin America, or through a service learning internship involving a population of predominantly Latin American origin in the United States.3


LAS 127Latin American Culture and Civilization (Cross-listed as HI 127)3
LAS 130Latina & Caribbean Women Writers (Cross-listed as EL 130)3
LAS 132American Immigrant Literature (Cross-listed as EL 132)3
LAS 209Latin American Literature in English (Cross-listed as EL 209)3
LAS 225Latin American History Through Film (Cross-lsited as HI 225)3
LAS 267Precolumbian Art and Architecture (Cross-listed as AR 267)3
LAS 269Modern Latin American Art (Cross-listed as AR 269)3
LAS 301Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LAS 303Globalization and Social Change And Wealth3
LAS 308Latin American Politics (Cross-listed as SO 307)3
LAS 325History of Latin America (Cross-listed as HI 325)3
LAS 326Religion in Latin America (Cross-listed as HI 326)3
LAS 327History of Mexico (Cross-listed as HI 327)3
LAS 366The Church in Central America (Cross-listed as TH 366)3
LAS 381Sustainable Development Abroad (Cross-listed as EC 381)3
LAS 406WLatin American Short Story I (Cross-listed as SN 406W)3
LAS 407WLatin American Short Story II (Cross-lsited as SN 407W)3
LAS 409WSurvey of Spanish Literature I (Cross-listed as SN 409W)3
LAS 411WLatin American Poetry (Cross-listed as SN 411W)3
LAS 412Performance in Hispanic World (Cross-listed as SN 412)3
LAS 419Latin-American Culture and Civilization (Cross-listed as SN 419)3
LAS 425WInternational Development (Cross-listed as PO 425W)3
LAS 426Slavery in Latin America (Cross-listed as HI 426)3
LAS 427HGender and Identity Formation in Latin America (Cross-listed as SN 427H)3
LAS 434Spanish and Latin American Women Writers (Cross-listed as SN 434)3
LAS 437Francophone New World Literature And Culture (Cross-listed as FR 437)3
LAS 445WRevolution in History (Cross-listed as PO 445W)3
LAS 450Spanish American Narrative & History (Cross-listed as SN 450)3
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