Medieval & Early Modern Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)

The medieval and early modern studies (MEMS) minor is designed for students interested in early time periods (from the fall of Rome, in 450 CE, to about 1800). The minor draws from many different fields on campus, including English, history, music, and art. Students will study these fields and time periods using interdisciplinary approaches.

Requirements for Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor (19-20)

Note: No more than six lower-division credits may count toward this minor.
1. CULTURE IN CONTEXT (3 credits)3
Shakespeare on Film
British Renaissance
Holy War in Europe
Shakespeare Seminar
Spanish Culture and Civilization
British Literature Before 1800
Arthurian Literature
Arthurian Literature
British Renaissance
Chaucer and Medieval Literature
Survey of French Literature I
Arthurian Legends in French Literature
Survey of Spanish Literature I
3. HISTORY (6 credits)6
The Mediterranean World
The Pacific World
Crusades From Primary Sources
The Atlantic World
Pirates: A World History through Naval Crime
Medieval Europe
History of Latin America
Religion in Latin America
History of Mexico
Cultural History of China and Japan
Medieval Russia: Mongols and Madmen
Holy War in Europe
Slavery in Latin America
4. ONE MORE COURSE from the lists above, or any course on medieval or early modern studies offered in History, English or other departments. (3-4 credits)3-4
Note: Examples of other courses that could fulfill this requirement if those departments approve:
History of Renaissance and Baroque Art
History of Medieval Art
Shakespeare Seminar
Music History I
Gender and Identity Formation in Latin America
Spanish American Narrative & History
Don Quixote
History of Christianity I
History of Theatre I
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Senior Portfolio


EMS 101The Mediterranean World (Cross-listed as HI 101)3
EMS 102The Pacific World (Cross-listed as HI 102)3
EMS 120HCrusades From Primary Sources (Cross-listed as HI 120H)3
EMS 181The Atlantic World (Cross-listed as HI 181)3
EMS 201Pirates: A World History through Naval Crime (Cross-listed as HI 201)3
EMS 207British Literature Before 1800 (Cross-listed as EL 207)3
EMS 226HArthurian Legends in French Literature (Cross-listed as HU 226H)3
EMS 238Arthurian Literature (Cross-listed as EL 238 and HI 238)3
EMS 247Shakespeare (Cross-listed as EL 247)3
EMS 261History of Renaissance and Baroque Art (Cross Listed as AR 261)3
EMS 264History of Medieval Art (Cross-listed as AR 264)3
EMS 301Music History I (Cross-listed as MU 301)3
EMS 313History of Christianity I (Cross-listed as TH 313)3
EMS 313WHistory of Christianity I (Cross-listed as TH 313W)3
EMS 315Medieval Europe (Cross-listed as HI 315)3
EMS 325History of Latin America (Cross-listed as HI 325)3
EMS 326Religion in Latin America (Cross-listed as HI 326)3
EMS 327History of Mexico (Cross-listed as HI 327)3
EMS 338Arthurian Literature (Cross-listed as EL 338)3
EMS 343Shakespeare on Film (Cross-listed as EL 343)3
EMS 345Cultural History of China and Japan (Cross-listed as HI 345)3
EMS 364Medieval Russia: Mongols and Madmen (Cross-listed as HI 364)3
EMS 365WHistory of Economic Thought (Cross-listed with EC 365W)3
EMS 371WBritish Renaissance (Cross-listed as EL 371W)3
EMS 405WChaucer and Medieval Literature (Cross-listed as EL 405W)3
EMS 409Survey of French Literature I (Cross-listed as FR 409)3
EMS 409WSurvey of Spanish Literature I (Cross-listed as FR 409W)3
EMS 420Spanish Culture and Civilization (Cross-listed as SN 420)3
EMS 425Holy War in Europe (Cross-listed as HI 425)3
EMS 426Slavery in Latin America (Cross-listed as HI 426)3
EMS 427HGender and Identity Formation in Latin America (Cross-listed as SN 427H and HI 427H and WGS 427H)3
EMS 447Shakespeare Seminar (Cross-listed as EL 447)3
EMS 450Spanish American Narrative & History (Cross-listed as SN 450)3
EMS 465HDon Quixote (Cross-listed as SN 465H)3
EMS 476WHistory of Theatre I (Cross-listed as TA 476W)3
EMS 497Medieval and Early Modern Studies Senior Portfolio (Cross-listed as HI 497 and EL 497)1
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