President's Welcome

Welcome to Whitworth University! For more than 125 years, Whitworth has committed itself to providing an “education of mind and heart” that combines incredible learning opportunities with an enduring commitment to nurturing the soul. Within these pages, you will learn more about the many and diverse academic opportunities we provide for our students. What cannot be captured here is the true spirit of Whitworth. That enabling spirit equips our students to ask hard questions, allows our professors to seek new knowledge no matter where that search leads them, empowers our campus to form a lasting community characterized by grace and truth, and honors the relationships that we build along the way. When you complete your time at Whitworth, you will be among a privileged few who have been equipped within these hallowed grounds to use your newfound wisdom, gifts, and talents “to honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity.”

Go, Bucs!


Beck A. Taylor
Whitworth University