Editing and Publishing (Interdisciplinary Minor)

The editing and publishing minor, housed in the English department, is an interdisciplinary minor designed for students interested in focused engagement and practical experience with text production, editorial discernment, and multi-platform design and publishing. Students study the aesthetics and ethics of editorial work and multiple methods of textual production, including book-making, web-based journals, e-publications, and emerging forms of design. Courses for the minor have traditional humanities strengths in that they ask students to analyze media productions and respond intelligently to their content as well as their structure. The minor also has practical, experiential components, in that it helps students begin to explore the publishing and editing fields in professional settings. The completion of the minor results in portfolio- and résumé-worthy projects and experience, as well as significant professional internships. With a consistent focus on team-based projects and public engagement, while grounded in historical, aesthetic and ethical frameworks, the EP minor provides students a unique undergraduate opportunity to contextualize their academic experience and explore how humanities disciplines are correspondent, relevant, and significant to career pursuits.

Requirements for Editing and Publishing Minor (21)

Required Editing course3
Introduction to Editing
Take one Writing course3
Creative Writing
Writing for Mass Media
Professional Writing
Take one Design course3
Book Design and Publishing
Editing, Layout and Design
Graphic Design I
Take one Historical Context course3
American Literary Journals
Mass Media History
Take one Textual Analysis course3
Introduction to Critical Strategies
Media Criticism
Rhetorical Methods and Approaches
Literary Criticism
Postmodern Literature and Culture
Internship 3
Rock & Sling, Whitworthian, PIE, or other approved by director of the minor.
Each student completing in this minor should meet with the director of the minor to choose a final elective that will best serve his or her professional goals. Students are encourage to meet with the director of the minor as soon as possible after declaring the minor. Some courses students might consider include those listed below, though other courses might apply.
Introduction to Printmaking I: Relief and Intaglio
Typography I
Web Design I
The Small Bus Entrepreneur (Cross-listed as BU 326)
Principles of Management
Computer Graphics
Writing in Virtual Worlds
This Whitworth Life: Audio Storytelling
Theories of Human Communication
Publicity and Public Relations


EP 125Writing for Mass Media (Cross-listed as EL 125)3
EP 211Professional Writing (Cross-listed as EL 211)3
EP 212Theories of Human Communication (Cross-listed as JMC 212)3
EP 218Marketing (Cross-listed as BU 218)3
EP 221Introduction to Printmaking I: Relief and Intaglio (Cross-listed as AR 221)3
EP 244Publicity and Public Relations (Cross-listed as JMC 244)3
EP 245Creative Writing (Cross-listed as EL 245)3
EP 248Introduction to Editing (Cross-listed as EL 248)3
EP 267Introduction to Critical Strategies (Cross-listed as EL 267)3
EP 274Principles of Management (Cross-listed as BU 274)3
EP 315Media Criticism (Cross-listed as JMC 315)3
EP 323Typography I (Cross-listed as AR 323)3
EP 324Graphic Design I (Cross-listed as AR 324)3
EP 325The Small Bus Entrepreneur (Cross-listed as BU 326)3
EP 326Web Design I (Cross-listed as AR 326)3
EP 340HWriting in Virtual Worlds (Cross-listed as EL 340H)3
EP 343Editing, Layout and Design (Cross-listed as JMC 343)4
EP 347Mass Media History (Cross-listed as JMC 347)3
EP 348Book Design and Publishing (Cross-listed as EL 348)3
EP 357Computer Graphics (Cross-listed as CS 357)3
EP 382Rhetorical Methods and Approaches (Cross-listed as EL 382)3
EP 396American Literary Journals (Cross-listed as EL 396)3
EP 396HThis Whitworth Life: Audio Storytelling (Cross-listed as EL 396H)3
EP 449WPostmodern Literature and Culture (Cross-listed as EL 449W)3
EP 484Literary Criticism (Cross-listed as EL 484)3
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Dean of Arts and Sciences