George Whitworth Honors

George Whitworth Honors Program Mission Statement

The Whitworth Honors Program challenges talented and motivated scholars to pursue excellence of mind and heart, to cultivate leadership qualities and skills, and to commit to lives of service. The honors program does more than guide scholars to navigate the world as it is; it equips them to solve problems and to develop the world as it should be.

Program Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Explore the liberal arts by means of interdisciplinary courses designed for integration, reflection and application of skills, knowledge and understandings.
  2. Reflect on how the liberal arts and disciplinary paradigms generate solutions to local and global issues. 
  3. Apply the liberal arts and disciplinary paradigms by independently planning, carrying out, documenting and defending a capstone project within one’s chosen discipline.
  4. Articulate the benefit of the liberal arts as experienced in the learning opportunities of Nos. 1, 2 and 3. 

The Whitworth Honors Program is rooted in the following principles that shape the program and reflect Whitworth’s core values:

  • Academic excellence: Requirements for credit granted in honors-program learning experiences will exceed the academic expectations of most Whitworth courses.
  • Active and collaborative learning: Learning experiences are characterized by joint intellectual effort among students, or between students and faculty in pursuit of deeper knowledge and understanding. Learning experiences in the honors curriculum are designed to require active participation and a high degree of self-direction from students.
  • Christian mission: The honors program includes experiences with a faith-learning integration component.
  • Community: Registration for honors program offerings is elective and open to all Whitworth students. 
  • Educational breadth: Honors graduates must complete academic-enrichment experiences across the curriculum (not just in proximity to their major) and are encouraged to make connections across the disciplines.
  • Preparation for vocation: Honors experiences are designed to provide a high level of preparation for post-baccalaureate educational and/or career opportunities.

Enrollment in George Whitworth Honors Program

Incoming first-year students with honors at entrance automatically are eligible to enroll in the honors program. Students not admitted with honors may seek enrollment as well once they have demonstrated academic strength in Whitworth courses.