Student Financial Services - Financial Aid

Whitworth is committed to assisting students and their families in obtaining the necessary resources for each student to attend the university. Many students and families qualify for financial assistance through our programs. Financial aid offers often include grants and/or scholarships, as well as student loans and work-study. Funding is provided by Whitworth University, the federal government, the state of Washington and private donors.

To be considered for financial aid at Whitworth, a student must take the following steps:

  1. Apply for admission. A financial aid offer will be prepared only after a student has been admitted to the university.
  2. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the federal processor. The form is available online at the FAFSA website. Students should designate on the FAFSA that they want their application information sent to Whitworth (Code No. 003804).
  3. Receive valid processed FAFSA results. Once these results are received and students have been admitted, the Whitworth Financial Aid Office will review the application and will send a financial aid offer notifying students of the types and amounts of aid they will be eligible to receive. The offer may be estimated if additional information is needed to determine a student’s eligibility. Therefore, estimated offers are subject to change.
  4. Check Whitworth email account, Self-Service on Pirate Port and the financial aid office website regularly for important communications and missing documents or processes.
  5. Respond promptly to requests for additional information required to complete the financial aid process. Requests may include tax return transcripts of the document (i.e., 1040) filed with the IRS.
  6. Notify the Whitworth Financial Aid Office of any scholarships received by using our online scholarship-reporting form or by emailing our office at
  7. Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  8. Review important consumer information related to Whitworth at
  9. The normal course load for full-time undergraduate students is 12 to 16 semester credits in the fall and spring semesters and three to five semester credits in Jan Term. Registration for less than a full-time load will prevent a student from receiving certain forms of Whitworth-sponsored financial aid. Some federal and state-sponsored aid may be available to students who are enrolled less than half time.

Maintaining Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid

Students must successfully finish 66.67 percent of their cumulative attempted credits, and they must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 and a term grade-point average of 1.0. Students are eligible to receive financial aid until they have completed the requirements for their degree or until they have attempted a maximum of 150 percent of the minimum number of credits required for the degree or certificate, whichever is less.

More information on satisfactory academic progress and financial aid is available from the Whitworth Financial Aid Office or at If you would like a brochure, or if you have questions about financial aid, please call 509.777.3215.

For information and resources about student loan repayment, or to submit a complaint relating to your student loans or student loan servicer, please visit or contact the Student Loan Advocate at