Development Studies (Interdisciplinary Minor)


The minor in development studies is an interdisciplinary program geared toward Whitworth students in all departments who may have interest in development work.

Program Goals:

  • Students will have an understanding of concepts pertaining to sustainability, development theory, global social structures, and/or global economic systems.
  • Students will develop intercultural and professional competencies.
  • Students will synthesize their knowledge of development with the practice of development in an applied context.
  • Students will be challenged to explore their faith commitments and moral convictions in light of development issues and practices and will be encouraged to view development work as vocation and/or religious calling.

Requirements for a Development Studies Minor (22)

Required Classes (10 Credits)10
Topics:Intro to Development Studies (Cross-listed as PO 196)
Environment and Society
Internship (Development Internship)
Development Studies Symposium
Elective Classes (12 Credits)12
Cultural Competency: At least 3 Credits from the following
Introduction to U.S. Cultural Studies
U.S. Cultural Studies: Community-Based Research
U.S. Cultural Studies: Campus-Based Research
U.S. Tribal Identities
Race and Ethnicity *
Sociology of Middle-Eastern Society
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Professional Competency: At least 6 credits of the following:
Principles of Service and Leadership (Cross-listed as LS 250)
Transforming Leadership **
Making Change: Social Intervention Strategies *
Global Structures: At least 3 credits of the following:
Globalization and Social Change And Wealth
International Political Economy
Sustainable Development Abroad
International Development
Economic Development
International Trade and Finance ***

 Prerequisites in the Department of Sociology apply.


 Prerequisites in the Leadership Studies Program apply.


 Prerequisites in the Department of Economics and Business apply.


DS 196Topics:Intro to Development Studies (Cross-listed as PO 196)1-3
DS 200Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Cross-listed as SO 200)3
DS 220Race and Ethnicity (Cross-listed as SO 220)3
DS 238Sociology of Middle-Eastern Society (Cross-listed as SO 238)3
DS 249Principles of Service and Leadership (Cross-listed as LS 250)3
DS 250Environment and Society (Cross-listed as PO 250 and EC 250)3
DS 303Globalization and Social Change And Wealth (Cross-listed as SO 303)3
DS 310U.S. Cultural Studies: Community-Based Research (Cross-listed as USCS 310)1
DS 311U.S. Cultural Studies: Campus-Based Research (Cross-listed as USCS 311)1
DS 325Economic Development (Cross-listed as EC 325)3
DS 335HU.S. Tribal Identities (Cross-listed as USCS 335H)3
DS 350Transforming Leadership (Cross-listed as LS 350)3
DS 353International Political Economy (Cross-listed as PO 353)3
DS 381Sustainable Development Abroad (Cross-listed as EC 381)3
DS 390Internship (Development Internship)1-4
DS 416International Trade and Finance (Cross-listed as EC 416)3
DS 425Making Change: Social Intervention Strategies (Cross-listed as SO 425)3
DS 425WInternational Development (Cross-listed as PO 425W)3
DS 465Development Studies Symposium1
DS 490Leadership Internship (Cross-listed as LS 490)1-4
Program Contact


Dean of Art and Sciences