Community Engagement & Transformation (Interdisciplinary Minor)

Many people think that the government is the solution to poverty and other community ills. Others say that the solution rests in the growth of business: a rising tide lifts all ships. We believe that government, business, educational institutions, nonprofits and the community itself all must work in partnership to heal what is broken in the world. This interdisciplinary minor allows students to think through the roles of these different institutions.  We learn from dedicated community partners who share a vision of commitment to one's neighbor.

Professor Julia Stronks ( will work with you individually to put together a selection of courses that include some of the following, along with a series of internships or courses that involve service-learning.

Requirements for a Minor in Community Engagement and Transformation (18)

Take one of the following:3
Biblical Theme of Shalom
Biblical Theme of Shalom
At least one of the following:3
Poverty and Community Development
Psychology of Poverty and Social Class
Cities and Urban Life
Approved engagement electives12
See department for current electives meeting this criteria
For other approved courses, see Dr. Julia Stronks.


CE 256Biblical Theme of Shalom (Cross-listed as TH 256)3
CE 275Poverty and Community Development (Cross-listed as PO 275)3
CE 330Psychology of Poverty and Social Class (Cross-listed as PY 330)3
CE 356Biblical Theme of Shalom (Cross-listed as TH 356)3
CE 365Cities and Urban Life (Cross-listed as SO 365)3
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